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Facebook Fan or Friends Page?

Well this discussion has been going on for a while now as many businesses found that they didn’t like that Fan pages as the interactivity was very one way and that they felt that they only put announcements on their Facebook page but then they changed and set up a friends page that they had more interaction with their customers!

Interesting point, this can also be changed in the settings and you can allow your Fans to post to your page, just make sure you monitor it as they can say anything! I mean “anything”, Be warned.

This week however say yet another change by Facebook in the changing the “Become a Fan” button to “Like” a business or group pages. It means changing a few marketing pages as many of us are still putting “Become a Fan” on our literature and websites.

Facebook found that nearly twice as many people just clicked on “like” and that they had not become Fans, It has been suggested in search engine circles that this new system will also mean that you click like and then in the future Facebook will know what you likeĀ  and thus display similar stuff that you might like too. so really changing from a basic direct forwarding of information from a company page to giving you content from other businesses and groups that might interest you.

Are Facebook going up against the Google and Bing with their suggestive content, maybe, but we do know they are always active in developing their site so its a good thing to keep an eye on where they are going. Standing still means that you turn into a “bebo”.

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