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Goldenpages have a deal with google?!

A question arose today where a caller to the office was wondering if Truvo / Golden Pages had done a deal with Google. The answer is Yes, but so has everyone who has a Google Account !

Looking further it looks like they are just selling Google Adword.

What are Google Adwords?

This is a method by which you pay Google to display an advert for a search word or phrase someones looks up. These types of Adverts can me made by yourself or you can pay a company such as Golden Pages to make them for you.

But the thing that caught my attention was that this caller is the owner of a major business in Dublin and he really thought that they has “stricken a deal” with Google, he then emailed me a copy of their email to him and all it actually was, was a proposal for Truvo to make these adverts for him and “they” would display them on Google for him.

We too at Cada Media Ltd have this “special Deal” with Google and we too can make you number One in Google for the right price. We do this by setting you up with a Google Account and inserting the terms and phrases that you would like to appear under. The price of these adverts are governed by you!

You pay what you wish to pay and if its enough the advert will be displayed higher and higher in their search results. The cute whores took a leaf out of the auctioneers books years ago and you put in a blind bid to get your advert displayed. These bids gan be as little 11 cent but could also be $20 per advert if you really needed it to be.

Pay Per Click Adverts

Yes as it says, you pay Google every time someone clicks on your advert, each time someone searches for a phrase like “hotels in Wexford” Google will display adverts at the very top in a light yellow colour with the word “sponsored” on the top right hand side. These are Adverts from Hotels in the south each wish to grab you attention. The adverts costs them nothing until you click on it and then it will bring you to their website and also deduct a fee from the hotels google account.

This is how Google earn their money, many people under estimate how much they earn from this type of system, but imagine getting a euro from everyone in Ireland each day, I’d enjoy that so does Google!

So if you wish to do a “deal with Google” and get you company to the top of search engines call Cada Media Ltd today and let starts start getting more business on-line

Tel: 053 9430748

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