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Has Google changed?

Yes, is the answer.

The latest changes to the number one search engine in Ireland has finally come online. These latest updates to it’s functionality are pushing the ability of local search right down to the county level.

Before we were able to choose by the world or pages from Ireland. Now we can step even further into a search and breakdown our definition of what we hope to get as results by specifing our current localtion.

Google will then look for local information for your search term. Didn’t they always do this you say . . . I thought so too but apparently not.

Look at the new left hand column of a search to see the changes to the layout and options available. Then look at the results and see if they are more local local !

Great news for getting more precise results now all we have to do is tell google that some counties names are also towns in that county. So when someone googles “something in Wexford” do the mean the county or the town!

For more information on how we can help google find your business call Dave Jordan of Cada Media Ltd today, tel 053 9430748.

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