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How much does web marketing costs?

Marketing planning strategy

This is a very interesting question and one that comes up all the time, even today we have a caller to the office looking for a price for “web marketing”. Trying not to bore them with the different options I explained that it depends on how much they wish to spend and the scale of the project.

Web marketing is a process that we “web designers” split up into packages in bite size chunks that companies can afford and also understand. It is a science, computer science that changes each day as technology and search engines change.

The methods we use are all above board, called “White hat” methods. This is an important point as many so called web designers will use sneaky tricks to try to cheat google, and when google find out about these tricks you can imagine the result . . . Yes, the can de-list your business and effectively make you ex-directory.

Web marketing should be taken seriously and at Cada Media we respect our clients, we respects search engines guidelines and build structured online marketing campaings for companies who take the Internet seriously too.

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