Month: May 2010

Gorey Online Business becomes World Class!

Gorey based online business run by Joel Driver, has today announced a partnership which could benefit many of the thousands of Polish migrants now living and working in Ireland. Gorey based, one of the web’s most popular call forwarding services today announced the introduction of complete geographical coverage for Polish VoIP virtual telephone numbers. Now you can have a local phone number from any of the 50 local area codes in Poland, and …

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My website was stolen?

Indeed a strange statement to hear over the phone, but never the less one that is getting more and more common these days as we hear about companies and businesses in the southeast who have gone to look at their website to find it’s gone. Replaced with advertising for other websites selling similar products and services. Stolen Domain Names Expired domain names are often used as advertising boards once it has passed it expiration date. …

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iphone barbeque Apps

The good weather over the past weekend brought more than the usual weekend activities of mowing, sawing and hammering in suburbia. It became the bar be que capital of world with every butcher being sold out of anything that slips between the grill and ends up on the hot coals. Conversations came in many forms, but one that we noticed was common to many a few were started when a ring tone was heard and …

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How to promote your website?

It’s great to see a local business in Wexford using all media to promote themselves and their new services and products. Gravity Forest Park. This local swimming pool in Courtown had their grand opening this weekend for their latest addition to the centre. A outdoor adventure centre with zipline, climbing wall, fan drop and two high walks and all side by side. The management organised the opening day with traditional promotion methods including, signage, print, …

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Is online reputation important?

It is interesting to talk to business people and see how they view online reputation and the idea that another business might think about googling their name to see what comes up. Many people have no idea that because they have not put up a website themselves that someone might have put up something about them! Negative Reputation? I urge serious businesses to think of online reputation as a conversation, if your name is being …

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