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World Cup 2010 – Internet Usage up 194%

According to our friends over in ZNet.com the World Cup in 2010 has brought high volumes of traffic online with people using the web to find out information about the World Cup. In fact not just before a game, but whilst a game is actually being played. Most people say that men can only do […]

My friend is doing my website!

Great and when is it going to be finished? Today we had another call from a business asking us could we start and finish a website in 10 days as he has been waiting over 2 years for the favour of creating a website to be completed. Getting a website created for a business is […]

Website Design Brief – Gone Wrong!

This year (2010) we are receiving many “website design” briefs in from businesses who have decided to look online to increase sales and promote their businesses. They have either come up with a design brief themselves or they have got in a marketing consultant in to help them do the website design. Great, more inquiries, […]