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Cada Media in Spain

Whilst enjoying the sunshine in La Managa in Murcia Spain recently we were able to pick up more Spanish business. Being a business that uses the web we are always able to pick up clients when we travel and last week was no difference. Before traveling we looked up a few domain names of the businesses we were visiting and one great domain name that one our of old friends at Cada Media was looking for was available.

Plural Domains

Even though may of us use search engines, may still type directly into the top address bar and guess domain names. This particular company exports motor bike helmets around the world, but had neglected to register the plural version of their company names, demonstrating that they actually have a few helmets to sell and not just one!

We registered the domain name and set up a redirect so the name will point to their original website.

Then when we were on the subject of domainsĀ  and emails the conversation came about to spam emails and viruses as one pc in the office was suffering after receiving many emails containing viruses.

Not missing out on an opportunity we were able to sell our Spam filtering services to the company and also to one of their sister companies too. The spam filtering service we offer allows business to scan just 1 email address or thousands depending on their needs.

Moral of the Story. . . .The Web is Everywhere and never stops, never sleeps, it’s a global village we are in and using the Web for business will increase sales, increase exposure to bigger markets and greater sales. Don’t be afraid to be part of it.

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