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Website Stats – Who reads them?

Had a great meeting today with a new client that inspired me in a time when I thought I was loosing faith in businesses and their understanding of the Internet and how to use it. Don’t get me wrong, we have a large mixture of clients from every walk of life, from Scuba Diving in Ireland to Walking Holidays in Tenerife, you name it we’ve worked in that industry.

Anyway, this new client has worked hard over the past few years in putting together a few websites and building a few gateway pages to his website. He also has installed google analytics and also told me he had a very low bounce rate.

He had my complete attention.

A customer talking about bounce rates, now that’s my type of client. We talked about the various web businesses that he had used from his early beginnings in 2003 with his first domain name registered by a family member to the latest person who has now taking a full time job in Dublin and so he is left adrift in cyberspace trying to push his business online and all the while with a hammer and saw in his hands as he works outdoors for a living.

Strategy and Direction.

With no formal plan or specific goal beside getting more hits we discussed the measurement of marketing and the reading of web stats and understanding the setting of goals and the regular analysis of this data would provide us with the information we need to refine and spend his marketing budget better and wiser each month.

Later with a handshake and a target set a deal was made and we are starting on a new design and a structured plan to grow his business further.

If you are looking for a internet partner and would be interested in a real working relationship with your web designer then give me a call and lets set up a meeting.

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