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Google Wedding Planner

For those who are looking to plan a wedding will know, most/all wedding planing is now carried out online. If you are looking a wedding venue, inviting guests with email or inviting them with facebook events etc you will know that without the Internet there would be a lot of leg work.

Marry Google!

People who know me, know I wish I could, but the guys at Google have put together a great wedding package to help you get married. Their services are the perfect partnership for the innovative cost cutting wedding couple looking to be up-to-date and have all their plans in an accessible place and not on a USB key they will loose in the washing machine. (Yes I have done it!)

Putting all their products and services under the umbrella of a wedding planner is a great way to show off their products and also for people who use these services for business to use them in a social setting.

  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Chat
  • Google Picasa – images
  • Google Video – YouTube
  • Google Maps
  • Google Tasks

Link all of these services together and have each one communicating with each other and then you will see how planning a wedding and the frustration of organising it can be reduced letting you delegate the tasks to the various people involved. Create and share lists of table plans online, let your family and friends upload images and video to the site after the wedding. No matter what you want to do for the wedding Google have a solution . . .  You can’t even get lost going to the church because you will have with Google Maps!

Oh and remember this is all available on your phone !


For more information on how Google can help plan your wedding, give me a call and I can help set this up and hand it over to you. Or if you want to know how the Internet can help reduce the cost of living for your life, Call Dave on 053 9430748


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