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Building links to my website

I was researching on-line this morning and looked for a specific website here in the South East that had a “blog” with their news on it. Great idea to have a blog as it informs the public of your company news and events and creates communication between you and your customer in a less formal method than a website, but not as casual as maybe Facbook.

April 2009 News !

This was the last entry on the company news blog and since then it appears that each of the news items on the site have got a great response as their was about 30 to 40 comments on each topic. As I get only a few comments I was jealous and clicked on the links to read the feedback.

Viagra Sales

Each of the comments on the blog were automatic responses that a blog would get to a new post, but unfortunately there has been no spam filter applied and no one has approved the comments on the site. To make matters worse all most all of the comments contained back links to the Viagra and adult websites. Giving them great links to their sites but giving the business poor links away from theirs.

Do Links Matter?

Yes, having good links pointing to your website is very important as links are like sign posts to your business. On good quality website it is important to get linked from , so County Councils or major brands suppliers etc are perfect. So on the other hand having bad links can have a negative effect in search results. It means that the content of that persons blog is mainly about Viagra and Adult material. I am guessing that the search engine Gods would not look favourably on the site and its content any more. And in fact I would image that they would push it down in their listing rather than promote it.

I know this business spends money on advertising their site and its a pity that once you get there the experience is poor, so the moral of the rant/story if you have a website or blog or anything online, look after it and keep it up to date or delete it.

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