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Happy Birthday blog!

Blog for Business

Our company blog is 3 years old this week. I started a blog a year before that but started out too ambitious and tried to write a novel for each blog post and it died after about 3 month. 1,500 words per post was not me, it didnt suit my style of writing or thinking and Miss Lee & Mr McMahon would have been proud of the writing as I never wrote as much until I left school.

Dyslexia Rules KO !

Even something like not being able to write can be helped by computers, because,  as I write this little red line is appearing under the words and then with one magic click of a button the spell checker has fixed and amended the content. Putting my thoughts and ideas online has had a massive effect on the business, it has brought in new clients and allowed business to see who they are hiring. People often call the office saying that they were just reading my blog and they wanted to know more about a particular topic. This builds up into trust. This trust can leads into a business relationship and now many of our clients have been with us since we started in March 1999.

8 Minutes later.

We’ve had calls to the office within 8 minutes of publishing an article with irate callers asking who writes the blog and can they talk to them immediately. Our items have been picked up by Daily Newspapers, Television Stations and Radio Stations, Organisations and foreign companies wanting to know if they could do business with us and avail of our knowledge.

New VAT Rates!

In 2008 I wrote a small piece about the new vat rates that the government of the time had changed. It got great coverage in the media as apparently I was the one talking about it on-line whist others had not mentioned it on their websites for days and even weeks. So I got a number of good hits and those turned into work as businesses needed their websites updated to reflect the new vat rates in their on-line shops.

Paper Never Refuses Ink.

This is true for digital media too, anyone can publish. I’m nothing new or special. I just publish a blog to help educate customers and potential clients about how we work and they type of people they would be dealing with.  A blog in the right hands can be of benefit to a business, but in the wrong hands and untrained ( Remember I worked in the newspapers and publishing industry) hands it can turn into a scary rant or worse, never updated news section of your site.

Use it or Delete it.

I’ve talked about how old blogs that are left unattended on sites can have a negative effect on a business as they show a customer that their is nothing new or changed about your business. So if you have a blog and you dont use it, get rid or it, change strategy.

If you would like to become a “blogger” why not set up your own blog on www.Blogger.com or http://blog.com/

If you would like to know more about blogging for business then give me a call. 053 9403748




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