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Facebook facial recognition feature !

Yes, you may have heard the rumours that Facebook are now automatically “Tagging” photos of people who use this social network for image sharing. The Giant of social networking with an estimated 700 million users has a new feature to read an image and use facial recognition software to “Tag” or mark an individual.

Big Brother!

There may be data protection issues involved here as I can image that being “tagged” is bad enough when its a photo you didnt know was taken. Then to find out it was put on-line. ┬áBut for it to be promoted online must be a final straw for some Facebook users.

To Change the Facebook setting (yet again, we seem to be doing these every few weeks these days) you will need to go to “Customise Setting” – > Suggest photos of me to friends”. Or go to the help Centre and read up on your privacy settings.

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