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Fixing Email Issues?

An interesting day in terms of technical support and helping IT companies workout how email is pointed around the world from server to server, IP Address to IP address. I have found that over the 12 years in the email business that there are many email problems that can be found quickly . . once you know where to look.

We operate thousands of emails on our servers and our spam filtering service has taught me much about mail servers and MX records too. Today we received a call from an IT company setting up a cloud solution for a company. They were looking for advice on how to insert A Records and MX Records and then looking at how long it takes to come into place etc.

We were able to help them out quickly and the final comment was . “ah that’s amazing.brilliant, Thanks”. I was glad to help (and the invoice is emailed already by pdf !)

Now the interesting part for me was that for one company cloud solutions and email management seems a very complex issue and yet for others its just a case of asking the right person.  This is about the third time in a month that I find business offering solutions that they dont seem to really understand fully and the worst part about it is that it is the Client that suffers.

So my point, If you have email problems, ask the right people. Call Dave Jordan of Cada Media Ltd today on 053 9430748

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