Fixing Email Issues?

An interesting day in terms of technical support and helping IT companies workout how email is pointed around the world from server to server, IP Address to IP address. I have found that over the 12 years in the email business that there are many email problems that can be found quickly . . once you know where to look. We operate thousands of emails on our servers and our spam filtering service has taught …

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Three outgoing SMTP mail server

Wow what fun we have with sending mail via the various broadband providers in Ireland. As you might be aware receiving an email is usually no problem and people get mail via the email provider, so Eircom customers get mail from and most companies get mail from etc. I have spoken about this before arising in questions about which smtp server to use etc Sending mail is different. In order to cut down …

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Amateur spammers?

We would like to inform all our clients on our business hosting packs that we have put a limit on the number of outgoing emails to avoid them being “ear-marked” as amateur spammers! Example: If you are using an email program like Outlook Express, Thunder Bird you will be writing an email and then adding in multiple email address and sometimes up to 40 or 50 email addresses in one go. Then the email sent …

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No email for a day!

Had an interesting conversation with a client last week about how the effect of having no email for a 24 hour period effected this business. I should add that this was just 1 email address, the info@ address the business uses. I should paint a picture a little clearer, this is a small rural business in the west of Ireland, 3 people, 1 in the office and 2 out on site working with clients in …

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Spam Filtering Control Panel

We have been supplying spam filters to our clients for a long time now, but since the global recession has kicked in we’ve seen a huge increase in the volumes of spam going through of servers, eating the band width and consuming huge processing time, not to mention squatting on Gigabytes of our server space. Because of this we have been working on creating a product to help our clients and to help ourselves on …

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Outgoing Mail Server?

We would like to inform all our clients that if you experience problems sending mail using your “pop” email account. That is using your mail that you have in Outlook or Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird then we recommend that you check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is the company who you get your broadband or internet from and ask them what their Outgoig mail servers are: Samples of these would be Eircom …

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Email Spam on the increase in Ireland

I suppose that this is the obious but Spam is on the increase in these harder times as spammer use email to market their products online. We have had a number of clients on to us asking if we can stop it. Yes. We have spam filters on our servers that can block the unwanted and time wasting emails that are blocking most people inboxes. Just give us a call to find out how we …

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Newsletters by Email to your clients

Why use a Newsletter for your business? This another one of the frequently asked questions we get asked about how to use the Internet for business.  A email newsletter is a fast, efficient, cheap method of communicating with your clients. You don’t even need a website! There are many types of newsletter systems available both as hosted (on your own website) or as stand alone applications hosted on someone else’s website. Here are a few …

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Spam email on the increase!

We have noticed that we are getting more and more requested from companies asking us to help remove their spam from their inboxes. Staff are wasting time each morning and afternoon going through up to 100 emails per day selling online drugs to relationship advice! (some are similar !) Not only is this wasting time, but you as the owner of the business are also putting yourself in a legal situation with respect to the …

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DigiWeb – Email Sales Tactics !

We received an email from a very concerned client of ours this morning asking if their domain name was up for renewal as they have already paid for it just a few months ago. The email as you will read below is suggesting that we have sold our company to an Italian business. An extract from the email = “Given the recent situation with your current provider selling their company to an Italian provider, we …

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Email Spam on the increase

We have noticed an increase in the volume of spam email coming into our mail server and especially from Polish and Russian origins. There are many ways of keeping out spam email from your inbox: 1, Remove links on website with your email, these spammers “harvest” email addresses they find on websites 2, Insert your email in another format, example dave[at]cadamedia dot ie 3, Update your Email program, ie Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. They have …

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Which SMTP Server to use? (2)

We recommend using the out going mail server from your Internet Service Provider ISP, That is the company supplying your access to the net, the company that you get the broadband from: Imagine Briadband = Perlico Broadband = Eircom =

Emailing Large Files

Email system were not designed for sending large files, a system known as “ftp” File Transfer Protocol was set up for the moving of files across the interweb. Nowadays that of course has gone out the windows as people are using emails for attachments, but if you have large files to send we might suggesting using a system such as This site will allow you to send and receive very large amount of data.

Which SMTP Server to use?

We suggest that our clients use their own Internet Service Providers out going mail server. Using your own ISP’s outbound mail will cut down on the errors that can occurs with email sending.  Our servers require Authentisification to be switch On, but others outbound mail server may have this swithed off. Clients on our server could have their  smtp as the following Authentisification = On Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the company you …

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