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Bank of Ireland ~ Fake Emails

Bank of Ireland Fake Emails

I just received an email from Bank of Ireland saying that they have temporally limited my account with a link on it to suggest that I follow the steps. Firstly, I’m not with Bank of Ireland so I deleted it ASAP.

But before I did I did a bit of research on the email and its coding first.


Its look authentic at first in the headers but then when you get into the nuts and bolts of the email, you get to see how it was sent and the actions of the link on the email


The code shows me a site called MobileRecharge.com and you can see for yourself that it would start costing you money to go forward with the steps.


If you receive an email like this, my advice is to delete it and if you wish to prevent your staff from getting such emails then talk to myself Dave about our spam filtering service we offer on www.spamfilters.ie

Call Dave on 053 9430748


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