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Google SEO – Search Engine Optimization – 15 years later?

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In June 2008, just over 15 years ago I wrote a small piece about Search Engines and what they are looking for in Good Website Design. The good design should have search engine optimisation at its heart. This was one post from back in the day and it is still valid today.

Recently we got an email from a business owner wondering why other websites are ranking higher than theirs even though some work had been carried out earlier in the year on their website to help improve its ranking and position in search results. The answer to this was also something I have written about in the back in 2009 and that post about How to rank number 1 in Google is worth a read and also I will update this as the list is now much longer and wider since then. Many simple factors can be missed and understanding the differences in websites is important. In one case we saw a 24 page website slip down the rankings as a 150 page website with lots of details and text and images about the products and services were all ranking high for key phrases in their industry.

Keeping a website fresh is another suggestion that I wrote about previously and I suggest that these listed points should be gone through one by one and then you will have a good change to get to number 1 in Google organically.

If you need help in pushing your business up the listing on Search Engines and especially on Google then give me a call on 053 9430748 to discuss your options.

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