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Fixing a Hacked WordPress Website?

Hacker in mask and hood, account hacking

Having your WordPress website hacked can be a nightmare, causing undue stress and frustration. Restoring your website to its original state should be your immediate priority. Removing any malicious code or plugins that may have been added to your website is essential to ensure your site’s security.

It’s equally critical to ensure that fraudulent pages added by hackers are not indexed by search engines. This can be done by configuring your website’s robots.txt file to block any such pages.

To prevent future hacking attempts, switching to a more secure hosting platform and using strong passwords for user accounts with limited access are recommended.

Installing a security plugin like Wordfence or Sucuri can also help to reinforce your website’s protection against hacking attempts.

It’s crucial to handle security updates regularly to keep your website safe from any vulnerabilities. Consider setting up a backup plan as a contingency plan should hacking or website crashes occur. By implementing these measures, you can rest assured that your website is more secure and free of hacks or viruses.

We recently came to the rescue of a hacked site and were able to minimise the downtime and get the site back online with extra security to make sure it doesnt happen again. We also marked the pages with Google that had already been indexed and had them removed from the google search results. 

If you have been hacked and need help, then call Dave on 053 9430548 and we will do out best to help secure the site and your online reputation.

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