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Google Alerts not used!

Google have been contacting the people to who use their email alert service to tell them that due to the fact that not many people actually using the service they provide, they will be altering the way in works in the future. Interesting to see that people are not using it as we know that it can be an important tool when doing search engine optimisation and general web marketing for companies. Google Alerts Basically …

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What does google want?!?

Make up your mind! Sitting here working away on a busy Friday after singing happy birthday to Mary and eating our squashy buns from Joanne’s, we heard one of our pc’s in the office saying “google alert” over and over again. (yes it’s annoying, we usually have the sound turned down) It was a Google alert telling us that we have received an email about a topic we have subscribed to. A Google Alerts is …

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Recession in wexford . . continued

The Internet has an interesting factor that there are Stats available on each site allowing businesses to see the number of visitors arriving on your site from various search engines and also from direct adverting of the web address. We have site stats going back for various businesses going back to 1999.  Google Alerts, is another interesting feature allowing you to ask Google to let you know when a search term is requested. Why would …

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