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Download Internet Explorer 9 !

Yes, its here Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, the all new and improved and apparently faster version of their browser. As the competition heats up for browsers that have better compatibility for HTML 5 Microsoft have launched their latest version now. Side effects will include the dropping of support for older versions of Internet Explorer and even dropping of support […]

Google Chrome – Title Meta Tag?

For those of you out there who are into the web and SEO etc, do you know if Google have decreased the emphasis on the title Meta Tag as they are no longer displaying the website title in their browser “Google Chrome. Just wondering if anyone has read up about this ? Thanks Dave

Upgrade your Internet Browser?

We often get into conversations with clients about the Internet browsers they are using. Many don’t think of upgrading it to a newer version or installing an entirely new browser such as Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Maxthon Internet Explorer Opera Why upgrade your browser? Your current browser displays the web as you like […]

Google Chrome Launched

Google have entered into the Internet Browser market and launched their very own browser for Windows Vista, with Mac and Linux versions available soon. This new free browser is available to download from the following link: http://www.google.com/chrome/ Features to this browser according to Google are listed here http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/features.html We have just downloaded and installed it […]