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Online shops are on the increase!

Definitely our biggest inquiry so far this month has been people asking to set up an online shop or payment gateway for their business using the net. We had a business from Kildare in with us today going over all the options available to them. We looked at VISA machines for their shop to maybe […]

IIA Pick up on our News !!!

We are delighted that the Irish Internet Association picked up our blog about the new Vat Rates in Ireland and it’s inportance to the online sales in Ireland. As we mentioned in an early post this month, the sales in Ireland are strong and growing each day We were supprised to see ourselves No 1 […]

Online Sales Increase Every Day!

As Ireland shops and business feel the credit crunch it has appeared that online sales are steadily on the increase. Online sales from Irish website now just over €12 Million per day . . . .  Yes that’s twelve million online sales every day in Ireland. Many shops are starting to look seriously at getting […]

Ireland downturn?

It’s true Ireland is currently feeling a “downturn” . . . . . .  Offline that is, as opposed to online sales that are  actually on the increase in the country, Ireland is achieving online sales of over €12 million euro per day. This is a major fact when many companies are looking at cutting […]