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Truvo selling advertising?

It looks like that Truvo Ireland are the latest company finding that other business are approaching their clients and requesting that they spend their advertising budget with them. A few weeks ago we had UK companies calling our clients leading the client to believe they were Google. Many believed it and signed up to a […]

Recession in wexford . . continued

The Internet has an interesting factor that there are Stats available on each site allowing businesses to see the number of visitors arriving on your site from various search engines and also from direct adverting of the web address. We have site stats going back for various businesses going back to 1999.  Google Alerts, is […]

Sell online using eTrader.ie website

Recession me A#se! We have got an email in from the guru programmers guys at online store They are a website that allows you to sell online and also use a laser card and not just the usual credit card or paypal facility. Have a look for yourselves and try it out. It looks to […]