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Truvo selling advertising?

It looks like that Truvo Ireland are the latest company finding that other business are approaching their clients and requesting that they spend their advertising budget with them. A few weeks ago we had UK companies calling our clients leading the client to believe they were Google. Many believed it and signed up to a Google adword campaign and paying over £150 per month on pay per click advertising worth only 20 euro a month.

If you get any requests to renew advertising services with Truvo, call them and confirm before you give your hard earned money to someone else.

As the recession kicks in further in Ireland more and more people are grabbing a straws to help their failing businesses. There are dodgy dealers in every business so double check where your sending your money.

Below is an email we received from Truvo Ireland today.

Pass the word.


Email from Truvo

Valued Truvo Customer – Please Beware!

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Truvo Ireland Ltd., publishers of the Golden Pages and goldenpages.ie, are aware that certain companies unrelated to Truvo are currently using our identity to mislead businesses into purchasing advertising.

The communications from these companies typically concern a request to either renew existing advertising, or alternatively to purchase advertising within a “Yellow Pages” product which is being misrepresented as the Golden Pages. This will not result in any advertisement appearing within either the Golden Pages directory, and/ or on goldenpages.ie.

We advise all customers to beware of any suspicious requests and not to sign any contract that you believe is related to the Golden Pages unless it is on our letter-headed paper and containing all of the following elements:

Our corporate or product logos, as included within this correspondence. Our corporate logo is Truvo, and our product logos are Golden Pages, goldenpages.ie, The Local Golden Pages, eircom Phonebook and eircomphonebook.ie.
Our registered business address is St. Martin’s House, Waterloo Road, Dublin 4.
Our Certificate of Incorporation Number 25471, as included in the footer below.

If you receive any suspicious correspondence or are in any doubt as to the authenticity of any communication, please contact either your existing Advertising Account Executive or our Customer Care team directly on (01) 618 8000.

We at Truvo Ireland Ltd. are doing everything possible in our power to prevent these incidences from occurring and have informed An Garda Síochána. Our customer service and legal departments are working closely together to inform our customers of these incidents.

Kind Regards,

Angelique Kouvelis
Head of Marketing

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