Who looks up the Internet?

Who looks up the Internet?

the-internetOnly kids use the Web . . . . . Right?

People ask their friends when they are looking for information.

These were some of the kind of ideas being put about this weeks in meetings regarding websites and getting a website for a business. This is a common statement when in fact the people involved don’t use the Internet themselves.

It is true, many people don’t look up information on the net, but the truth is more and more people and companies use the Internet to research for new suppliers and look for products and services on-line. We often find that sometimes people will tell use they don’t use the internet for business but they will tell me that they do their Christmas shopping on-line.  Maybe not realising that by shopping on-line they were indeed doing business online to the company receiving their on-line payments!

No matter what the topic or subject is using the Internet is taking over from Traditional Advertising and now that Reccession in Ireland is kicking in people are demanding a marketing method that is more accountable and tracable. Companies are questioning their marketing and advertising budget and want to get a good “bang for their buck“.

Your clients look up the Web!

Amarach Research in Dublin tell us in recent stats from February 2009 that 67% of Irish Adults are now on-line and expected to be over 75% by 2010. (that’s in 3months from now)

Don’t let your own non-use or understanding of Internet usage blind you from where your target market are actively looking for your business each day.

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