"The Web is Everywhere,
Be Part of it !"

What are twitter and facebook all about?

This is a questions we get asked all the time, no matter if it’s on-line, via the office telephone or sitting at a family dinner table. What the hell is twitter and why would anyone be mad enough to upload “I’m having my lunch” as a statement on their twitter page.

Let me explain how we see it.

Twitter came about as a mini type of blog It allows it’s users to publish a short sentence about their feeling, opinions, questions they might have and other users who are linked to their page can view, read and answer them. In the industry we call it starting a conversation. Be it on-line, it’s still a conversation.

twitter_logo_headerMany people also assume that to use twitter you must be sitting starring at a computer all day. Again another myth. You know we are always saying “The Web is Everywhere, Be part of it” the reason we are saying this is that the website is also on mobile phones and has been for some time now. Many users are still afraid to use it because of massive roaming charges whilst abroad and high prices of using the internet via a mobile device.

Blackberry & Internet ready devices

Everyday we see people we assume are “texting” as they stroll along the street, but in actual fact many are updating their Twitter or facebook profile. Some are personal pages telling their friends what they are doing right now and thus inviting them to meet them for lunch etc. Others are maybe business people in a new town looking for help for finding a business or location. It is said that twitter was the first method in announcing the death recently of Michael Jackson, from a person updating their twitter profile and that profile being “followed” by others.

Following someone on Twitter??

This simply means that you are saying to that person that you will read what they are putting on their profile. As with other social networking website, what you write appears on other people profiles. (can you see why they call it the web now?) This linking from profile to profile or website to website is what makes the internet special. It’s dynamic, it’s evolving, ever changing and like it or hate it it’s where the majority of people both in business or private get their information from.

Broadcast Media?

Noticed over the past few years how TV stations are pushing their website addresses more and move after each program and during shows themselves. It’s because they are loosing viewers. They know people are moving on0line and so they have heavily invested in on-line media in order to try to regain some on their audience.

Advertising on TV? Why bother?

Using Sky+ has changed my life, no longer waiting up to see late night tv programs etc. I can record everything using the record button and then the green series link button. so now when i get home i press play and watch my favourite show (House, lets say). Then its time for an Ad break and we see the show is sponsored by Carpet Right, then what happens?

Fast Forward through the Adverts. . . .

Completely missing all the ads and their clever messages till we see the sponsoring advert again then we press play. Now tell me honestly how many of you do that. Everyone i have spoken to does. Now would you still agree to paying thousands on TV adverts. I wouldnt give them €100 euro

So how does all that relate to Facebook or Twitter. Well basically broadcast media is throwing it our there and see who may or may not be watching. Online publishing allows the audience come to you.  A completely new concept to many business people. Some companies still believe in shouting and telling everyone about themselves, others are now understanding that people can get in touch with you by less formal means, by “Starting a conversaion” with you on-line or via a mobile device. It’s less formal, it’s cheaper and easier to get involved in.

Any size business can use these type of services, from one may bands to multinationals. Their are great benefits to be had by using the power of the internet no matter what shape of form it takes.

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The Web is Everywhere, Be part of it.

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