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Gorey Chamber Lunch Networking

We had a busy day today with out first meeting starting at 6.45am in the Ashdown Park Hotel as part of the Wexford BNI chapter here in Gorey. Then followed by catch up meetings to dicusss work currently being carried out for our clients.

Then back to the office to go through the snail mail and return a few calls. 12.45 time to go around to the new indian restaurant in gorey called Indiana. It’s upstairs over a tracksuit/sports shop beside the Permanent TSB on the main street. There was a good number of businesses represented including Finance companies, bankers, estate agents and IT people too.

One interesting new comer to the group was a young woman doing sales for a new business directory in Gorey. I thought it would only be fair to introduce myself fully as being the company behind existing business directory for Gorey called  GoreyLinks.com. We had a great chat and was delighted to hear that they are actually charging for a listing on the site. It’s brand spanking new and its great to hear that they are getting companies to sign up each and every week.

Of course this is nothing new to us at Cada Media as we have seen many business directories for gorey come in our 10 years here in Gorey. It does however reafirm a very valid point, that people will buy anything when it comes to the internet. We have been allowing companies to advertise in Gorey for free for years and about a year ago we brought in an administration fee to cover our costs of running the busiest website in Gorey! We’ve written before about Advertising in Gorey before but never really pushed the idea of actually selling advertising space till now.

We’ve actually been thinking of revamping the website for years but never had the motivation to do so as many businesses are still happy enough with whats already out there with WhatsWhat.ie and Ireland-directory only up the road in Arklow. So next week we will be launching our new version of the best website in Gorey! GoreyLinks.com will be reborn and revamped!

The Chamber meeting was short enough as it is always run during lunch time so its up to the business owner themselves to push their business cards around and meet as many people as they can during the short window they get at these types of meetings. I would suggest that more members of the chamber of commerce in Gorey(also a client of ours!) join in and get involved. It’s a great way to keep your business in peoples mind when they are asked “Do you know anyone who can etc etc”

Looking forward to the next meeting, oh by the way the food is top notch in the restaurant!

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