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Servers Down Tonight

Remember our Servers are being upgraded tonight so your emails will be queued until afterwards…see below

Copy of Our Newletter that went out to all our clients:

Hi Folks,

Dave Jordan here from Cada Media Ltd, I am getting in touch to let you know more about the server upgrade I have mentioned on our company news blog. Over the past number of weeks we have been working on installing a brand new web hosting server with RAID 2 technology built in. This new platform also comes with 1.5 Terabyte hard disks, allowing us to now supply even more space to our existing clients. This space is essential as more megabytes are needed these days to store images and large emails.

Content managed websites have put the power back in your hands in terms of now being able to add content, but it also has the knock on effect of using much of the server space we currently have. Digital images are currently taking up much of this space and the upgrade will give us 600% more storage space.

Web Hosting Server Switch Over Notice

We will be doing the final switch over to the new machine on Tuesday 10th November from 6pm, the change over is expected to take 3 hours to complete. While the server is down your emails and websites will be offline. Emails will be queued and when the servers go back up the emails will pop through into the accounts as normal.

We are keeping the same IP address for those who know what that is, for others, it’s not important!

Once we are back up and running I will be in touch to let you know all the benefits of the new system.

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Any questions just let me know.

Dave Jordan and Team.

Cada Media Ltd

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