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Photographers in Wexford

Rose Photography That’s all you need to contact! This new business to the area approached us to create a website to demonstrate herĀ  skills and capabilities in photography. Being able to use the website to showcase her various areas of expertise. Criona Poutch is the photographer bebind the lens in this Wexford based business. Originnally […]

Furniture Shops in Wicklow

We have just carried out a new project for a famous wicklow furniture shop recently and I would like to tell you about it. Morgan Doyles in Arklow. This family run business is over 74 years on the go, starting off from hunble beginnings as many family run businesses do they were originally based on […]

Grease Traps for Kitchens

The things we learn about in this business ah! Heres one of industries that most of us wouldn’t know about or even start to think there was such a trade. The removal of grease and sludge from commercial kitchens such as Hotels, Restaurants and any commercial food supplying business in now a must. We were […]

Christmas in Wexford

Santa is coming to Wexford and he’s stopping off at Kia Ora Mini Farm to meet up with all the children of North Wexford this Christmas. Santa in Gorey Yes, it’s true Santa is coming to Gorey this year and he’ll be over with our friends in Kia Ora Mini Farm making sure all the […]

Wexford Computer Services Website

Glasgorman Computers in Gorey decided to revamp their static html style website into a fully content managed site to giveĀ  them more flexibility in updating the website and keeping it fresh. Being a computer hardware and networking consultancy type of business they understood that they could work on the website themselves as they work with […]

Packaging Supplier website

We have worked on a number of websites for different packaging companies over the years, from actual production line suppliers to the suppliers of actual packaging products. This time it’s the latter, a great packaging company based in Arklow in Co. Wicklow called Paramount Packaging. Paramount are a huge supplier in Ireland and Europe of […]

Christmas Voucher Ideas

Unique Gift Ideas. Earlier this year we were delighted to be approached by a great restaurant in Wicklow called Bates Restaurant in Rathdrum in Wicklow. We created a site for the guys and all went well. We always plan for success with all our clients and expansion is always on the horizon. With more and […]

Cyber squatters in ireland

Yes, it’s true they havent gone away and in fact we’ve found a few here in Wexford. Driving to meet a client for lunch the other day I noticed a sign near Gorey advertising a new business currently under construction. It’s a fairly big development with massive sign so you guess that they have looked […]

Will a Website help my Business?

This is one of those questions that I get asked all the time, usually it’s on a high stool sitting in the Taravie on a Friday night in courtown.! but it’s relevent to everyone in a recession. A website is not the answer to solving a businesses sales, but it will help if it’s used […]

Photo Editing Software

Man editing photos on a computer

We get asked all the time what is the best photo editing software and of course it easy to say PhotoShop by Adobe, but this is not practicle for your average Joe, as it is not easy to use, it is not cheap to buy and needs training to get the most of it. It […]

Are Google Telephoning Companies about Adwords?

We had a meeting today in which the client told me that he had a Telephone call from Google this morning asking him if he needed help spending the Voucher they had send him. We have spoken about this before about Vouchers from Google but were interested to hear that the caller who identified himself […]

your mailbox has been deactivated

If you have received an email in the past 2 days from us telling you that you that your mailbox has been deactivated please note that this is not actually from ourselves, but rather an atempt by a spam bot to penetrate our new servers. The attachment mail is a text file letting you know […]

Are Estate Agents websites Dead?

We had an interesting email today from a 3rd year college student asking us to help them with a project they are working on. The project is questioning if Auctioning or Estate Agents Websites are dead? She was wondering if there is any point in a business involved in selling or letting property should bother […]

Renewable Energy Centre

Eco Energy Centre in Wexford. We were proud to be approached by this new eco energy company in Wexford to create a website for their business. We started the process off by registering a domain name for them and securing www.FernGreen.ie then we created a web hosting pack to put up a basic holding page […]

Scam emails – DHL Express Services

One of my clients email in this morning wondering if we could unlock this email is was due in. this is a scam bullshit email and I simply replied, spam / scam …delete it. I suggest you yo the same, unless you are actually expecting a delivery, if so they would not send you a […]