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New VAT Rates 2009 – 2010 back to normal


The higher VAT rate has just been announced today to be returning to the normal 21% from the 1st January 2010. We would like to let our clients who have online shops to remember to change the higher VAT rate on their websites administration system back to the reduced in January.

Normal shops on the high street will have to change their tills in January 2010 and online sales websites are no different.

We spoke about the “New VAT rates” last year when it changed last year and during the year we found websites all over Ireland that still were selling products at 21% and not 21.5%

Call me if you have any questions about how to adjust your ecommerce website and we will be happy to talk you through how to do it. In fact I think we have a pdf from last year we can email to you explaining how to update the “VAT Rates” in Virtue Mart,Zen Cart and OSCommerce.

Dave Jordan

Cada Media Ltd

053 9430748

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