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Amateur spammers?

We would like to inform all our clients on our business hosting packs that we have put a limit on the number of outgoing emails to avoid them being “ear-marked” as amateur spammers! Example: If you are using an email program like Outlook Express, Thunder Bird you will be writing an email and then adding […]

Black Hat Trick SEO works?

I had a good telephone call from a client who knows his stuff when it comes to web search engine optimisation (SEO) and he has decided to set up another few smaller sites to see how he can create more traffic to his main website using these Gateway pages or sites. He’s pissed off listening […]

Content Management Software

There are many different types of content management software including paid software off the shelf, licenced software you pay for on a monthly basis or annual basis. We use one called open source, where the application is free to use and we use these for many reasons, but mostly to reduce the costs for the […]

Facebook overtakes Google!

News today that Facebook have overtaken Google as the number 1 website in terms of visits according to “Hitwise”. This is something I was only giving a talk about today to a group of business people here in the south east. I was explaining that social media needs to be managed correctly by staff of […]

No email for a day!

Had an interesting conversation with a client last week about how the effect of having no email for a 24 hour period effected this business. I should add that this was just 1 email address, the info@ address the business uses. I should paint a picture a little clearer, this is a small rural business […]

Irish Health Directory Website

We are working on a new exciting directory for a existing client who wanted a directory for Ireland, but specifically a Health Directory. The website is still in Beta testing but they have asked us to go ahead and put the site live to start getting the name out there. Get Listed. The idea is […]