Does “size” matter? !!

Yes,  the age old question that every web designer looses sleep over,

Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Deos Size Matter?

The answer is yes, for over 10 years now we have been creating websites that abide to Google Webmaster rule and keep website page small in order to help keep the Size of the page small. One of the methods of keeping the size of a page small is to make sure the images have been reduced in MB size to KB size.

Often these days we find that companies using Content Management Software (CMS) will have the ability to update a website themselves, Great until they update the website with out decreasing the images in megabyte size to a smaller size that will help download the website faster. We see people reducing the image size by grabbing a conor and dragging the image to “appear” smaller but in fact its still 5mb in size.

Remember is the epidose of Father Ted, when Father Ted was explaining to Dougle the difference in size of object in showing hime something “near” and something “far away”, well its the exact same in theis case. Just because the image appears to be smaller, doesnt actually mean that it has changed in volumn in terms of megabyte size.

Anyway, Google is telling us again to stick to these rules so if you have a website and are interested in keeping the Gods happy we would suggest abiding by their rules.

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