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Great Website tools

One of the tools we use in creating a website as part of the research into the customer and the content they have provided is to check and see if the content is original. By this I mean has it been “copied n’ pasted” from another site. Often people are under the impression that if they copy of few pages off a website in Australia that no one will notice.

Google see’s Everything!

This is because they read every website each day, or the good ones that is (industry joke!) So each day their robot will read down through all the content and index it for their search results. They are like a teachers reading each persons essay, imagine when they see the exact same paragraphs repeated on pages around the world.

What do you think their reaction is to your site in terms of being a good site to return the answers to some ones search term. Not favourable is my answer because:

  • You copied some one else’s homework.
  • You don’t know about your products.
  • You don’t know about your services.
  • You are lazy
  • You don’t care about your customers

Copy N’ Paste

This link below is a great way to determine if content on a site has been taken off another site and simply pasted onto a new site. It will search the internet like a search bot a trawl for similar paragraphs of content.


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