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Google’s new search algorithm

Mobile Friendly Websites. 21st April 2015 is a special day and its one that is grabbing headlines everywhere and so it should, but if you haven’t heard about it, then keep reading ! Google announced in February that they will be changing their search results as a “Ranking Signal” meaning they will show results from sites that are mobile friendly and the ones that are not will be pushed further down the page or even onto page …

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What is Link Building?

I was at a business meeting this morning and I allowed give a quick presentation about the Internet and so I talked about an interesting part of the web industry called “Link Building” as part of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign. I started by trying to make a similarity of a link on a website to a verbal referral from a business colleague. The more of my business colleagues that let their friends and staff …

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Google Changing in 2009

Google has changed. Yes, Google have changed their algorithm as we have been writing about since last year. It seems that many people came back to work this week to find their website gone from it’s usual place in the search engine. Expect more of this in 2009 as “Rich Media” plays a bigger role in getting listed in Google. See :

Google Algorithm – Changes all the time !

Ever wondered how many times Google changes it “Algorithm”, Well at a recent Live Questions and Answers session it turns out that last year it changed. . . . over 450 times. Matt Cutts and Maile Ohye from Goolge faced questions from webmasters from around the world. They ran through many of the questions that have been bugginh web masters for ages. 404 error pages, 301 redirects,  myths and confirmed some speculations that have been …

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How do I get to Number 1 in Google?

I was reminded this morning of how common this question is . Many of our inquiries always say they “want to be No 1 in Google” but don’t have an idea how to get there. I talk about search engine optimisation SEO (this goes over 99% of peoples heads) but really i am talking about getting a natural listing in Google listings. I have to remind people that this is 2 tasks, 1 getting a …

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