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Goldenpages have a deal with google?!

A question arose today where a caller to the office was wondering if Truvo / Golden Pages had done a deal with Google. The answer is Yes, but so has everyone who has a Google Account ! Looking further it looks like they are just selling Google Adword. What are Google Adwords? This is a method by which you pay Google to display an advert for a search word or phrase someones looks up. These …

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Managing Google Adword campaigns?

So there I was today having lunch with a Internet Marketing guy I know in the Amber Springs hotel in Gorey and the two of us going on about how to manage adword campaings successfully and then we discussed the different methods of managing them, different keywords to use, different settings. . . localisation and so on and then we talked about pricing for such a service . . . We both agreed and found …

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Are Google Telephoning Companies about Adwords?

We had a meeting today in which the client told me that he had a Telephone call from Google this morning asking him if he needed help spending the Voucher they had send him. We have spoken about this before about Vouchers from Google but were interested to hear that the caller who identified himself as being a staff member from google in London. Is this true? If you have received a call from Google …

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