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Spam Server Upgrade – Firewall Rules

Just to let our spam filtering clients know that next week we are upgrading our servers again, (yes i know a pain in the ass but hey it’s for your benefit!) These new servers will mean new IP addresses and so we are informing you that you can update your firewall rules with the following IP addresses for our servers. To do this you need to block all SMTP transactions from outside the following: Filter …

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Spam Filtering Control Panel

We have been supplying spam filters to our clients for a long time now, but since the global recession has kicked in we’ve seen a huge increase in the volumes of spam going through of servers, eating the band width and consuming huge processing time, not to mention squatting on Gigabytes of our server space. Because of this we have been working on creating a product to help our clients and to help ourselves on …

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Registration of the World Business Guide 2009/2010

If you receive an email like this . . . DELETE it as it is not from us and is a spam and a scam Ladies and Gentleman. In order to have your company inserted into the registry of World Businesses for 2009/2010, please print, complete and return the enclosed form (PDF file) to the following address: WORLD BUSINESS GUIDE P.O. Box 2021 3500 GA Utrecht The Netherlands email: register@worldbusinessguidenow.biz FAX: ++31 20 524 8107 …

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Email Spam on the increase

We have noticed an increase in the volume of spam email coming into our mail server and especially from Polish and Russian origins. There are many ways of keeping out spam email from your inbox: 1, Remove links on website with your email, these spammers “harvest” email addresses they find on websites 2, Insert your email in another format, example dave[at]cadamedia dot ie 3, Update your Email program, ie Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. They have …

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