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How much does web marketing costs?

Marketing planning strategy

This is a very interesting question and one that comes up all the time, even today we have a caller to the office looking for a price for “web marketing”. Trying not to bore them with the different options I explained that it depends on how much they wish to spend and the scale of […]

Web Updates

Web Updates – keeping your website up to date If you got your website done as long ago as early last year ( in internet terms= a few years ago) there may be a few simple updates / changes that could reap you huge benefits. with such advances in spam protection, seo optimisation tools and […]

Why get a website . . Do I need a Website?

Talking to business person this week and they were wondering if it’s any use getting a website for a business. So after I asked if they were joking we discussed the benefits of a company having a website and one of the main benefits was that it was one of the most affordable methods of […]

College Of Hairdressing – Social Networking

The College Of Hairdressing approached us to create a social networking marketing campaign for their business. They are an Irish company based in Galway supplying hairdressing courses, both part time and full time. They wanted to bring their website and their skills to their audiance base. They understood that just having a website is great […]

Everyone has a website but doesn’t know what to do with it!

10 Tips to Marketing your business. More and more these days we are getting inquiries about how people want to get their website out there and noticed. We have written a number of articles about marketing your website and marketing plans that people have run to promote their business online. So I think its time […]

Marketing in Wexford – Condt…

We were delighted to see that a marketing campaign by a local restaurant in Gorey has finally moved onto the net. Whilst driving down Esmonds Street in Lower Gorey we spotted a Billboard Advert for the restaurant and there it was . . .  Finally. . . . A website address. We spoke about this […]

Recession and Credit Crunch in Ireland

We have noticed that a number a small business are starting to feel the the pinch as the recession in Ireland hits home to smaller businesses. We are actually seeing smaller business close and some are just closing their website down. Why? The trend is that sites that are not doing well are the ones […]

Setting up a website

It is important to understand that the setting up of a website is a great step in helping to promote your business on line, but please remember it is a “step” and it needs to be followed by other steps till your business is up and running online. Marketing your website address by means of […]