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Facebook Fan or Friends Page?

Well this discussion has been going on for a while now as many businesses found that they didn’t like that Fan pages as the interactivity was very one way and that they felt that they only put announcements on their Facebook page but then they changed and set up a friends page that they had more interaction with their customers! Interesting point, this can also be changed in the settings and you can allow your …

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Facebook Privacy Policy?

With all the bitching and moaning about the changes to the Facebook privacy policy we have to ask ourselves why are they now changing as they have always been one of the most private social medial websites for people to network and meet up. We believe that it ultimately has to do with search engines now wanting to incorporate content from social media websites into their results. recently we have heard news of Twitter doing …

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How to use Social Media websites!

A friend posted this on Facebook and it’s just great to see social media being used to bring an issue to the attention of management. This is what i mean by digital footprint, See how many people have view the video! click on the video to see it on YouTube and the Number of “hits” it has got so far.

How to keep my website fresh?

This is a common issues with websites, trying to keep them fresh, you can look at the following Read your website and each page to see if it makes sense to you as , a newbie or as an experienced user looking for information. Do you cater for both Make sure you have good meta tags on every page, the description and keywords match each page. Look at your competitors sites and see if they …

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IIA Waterford – Website Design for Success.

I just wanted to write up a few words about how the day went. We kicked off on time with Irene from the IIA welcoming us all to Dooley’s Hotel on the quays in Waterford, She then asked Ciaran Cullen, the assistant CEO from Waterford City Enterprise board to say a few word and he started by introducing the services of the City Enterprise Board in Waterford and what people could expect in terms of …

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Outdoor Education Centre Website Re-Designed

Baltinglass Outdoor Education Centre We are delighted to launch the all new revamped website for Baltinglass Outdoor Education Centre. The new site is fully content managed and with the website training they have received they now have the capabilities and opportunities to bring their products and services using the best marketing tool available these days. Paul Scott contacted us after seeing the work we have done for similar businesses in Ireland and asked us to …

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College Of Hairdressing – Social Networking

The College Of Hairdressing approached us to create a social networking marketing campaign for their business. They are an Irish company based in Galway supplying hairdressing courses, both part time and full time. They wanted to bring their website and their skills to their audiance base. They understood that just having a website is great but how to you get to your target market online . We created a bompany Blog for them. This allows …

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