Month: July 2008

What does Digital Footprint mean?

Your digital footprint means whereby you have accounts on various websites and upload information about yourself and then maybe as time goes by forget about those sites but the information is still there. An example is that many people started a Bebo webpage and uploaded images and video of their lives and left it there, months and years later it can still be displayed and also found on search engines. Employers Google a name before …

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New Irish Search Engine – New Irish search Engine is launched, Packed with features ( This new website hopes to take on the big boys of Google and Yahoo.  Exciting times as they guys from Ex-google engineers and developers (, so I think they are gonne put a new spin on search engines and they way they return and display results. Best of luck lads

Google Reindexing?

If you are wondering where your website is at the moment, or that when you run a search on Google that you are number 2 and then run the search again a hour later and you are on page 2 then you might get a shock alright. It may be caused by the search engine reindexing their listings, for instance have been changing it’s listing on a daily basis now for the past week. …

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Uploading to

We have had a few enquiries about the upload limits and time out on , If you are uploading to note that the files you are uploading will be converted to yourtube format as they are uploading. This can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the file size and duration of the video you are trying to upload. Broadband connection speed will also depend on the rate of uploading, …

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Which SMTP Server to use? (2)

We recommend using the out going mail server from your Internet Service Provider ISP, That is the company supplying your access to the net, the company that you get the broadband from: Imagine Briadband = Perlico Broadband = Eircom =

Website Redesign with Content Management Software

We are please to announce the launch of a website for Bernie Ivers of Cheerybrook House in Avoca in Co. Wicklow Ireland. Bernie has had a website for her guest house for a number of years now and decided to choose ourselves for it’s redesign and web marketing. Bernie wanted an overhauled and redesign of the website to how the accommodation and location to it’s best capability. We have also taken over the hosting of …

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All Mountain Experience – Redesign Website

He are happy to be chosen to redesign and train the guys from a specilist mountain biking holidays company based in Lake Garda in Italy. The new site is fully content managed and will allow this newly established young business to use the medium of the Internet to its fullist. We have added a Gallery Section so that new images of the groups traveling over from the UK and Ireland and be uploaded and …

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Emailing Large Files

Email system were not designed for sending large files, a system known as “ftp” File Transfer Protocol was set up for the moving of files across the interweb. Nowadays that of course has gone out the windows as people are using emails for attachments, but if you have large files to send we might suggesting using a system such as This site will allow you to send and receive very large amount of data.

Internet Register Ireland – SCAM

Internet Register Ireland This is a copy of an email and letter that is currently being sent to owners of domain names in Ireland. This German company is asking owners of domains to send them €958 euro to get listed on their internet directory. It is a SCAM and delete or shred it. The notice reads with the following text: ************************ Please use the enclosed reply envelope to return the form with your current details …

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Google Dropped my site?

Google will and can drop your website if the domain names expires. This is often the case when you forget to pay for the domain renewal. If your hosting or web development company sends you an invoice for “Renewal” pay attention to it. Today we had a company call in asking why their website had “dissapeared”. We looked up who registered their domain and found that it was “suspended” as they had not paid their …

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Good web copy / Sitemaps / Landing page?

Create search engine friendly content, gone are the days of inserting paragraphs of keywords to fool search engines into thinking the content o fhtat page was abut that topic. Now they know the difference and will in fact penalise you for doing so (told ye!) Write for people, knowing that search engines will be reading but remember to keep your keyword dessity to about 2%. If you are using the word too often in a …

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This Account Has Been Suspended – Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. We got a call today from a business asking what this means, When we looked up their domain we were able to tell them that the hosting company they were using in the USA had suspended their account for non payment. They now have to track down the kid who registered their domain name get him to renew their domain. They …

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Phishing Alert

What is Phishing? This is when a website is set up similar to a famous site and invites you to log in and update your details. Many Banks in ireland have had problems whereby someone has set up a website with a similar or mis-spelt domain that looks like the real address. Real businesses do not contact you and ask you to update your details online. The method if like “Fishing”, they are just chancing …

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Website Redesign / Update – Question

If you are thinking about redesigning your website, the make sure to have a look at your site stats and look at how you should be redesign the site. Many people think about new colours, a fresh look etc, but think bigger. What are people looking for? Are you getting enough pageviews? Does your website have the information they want? Is it easy to navigate? Rethink your website totally Is there a market for what …

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Can I sell a dot ie domain name?

Yes and No. If you are registering a domain name in order to sell it on then we would not suggest doing this as it is seen as cyber squatting and is generally frowned upon. However saying that if you have a dot .ie registered to a company or business, then you can sell the company and the domain would transfer to the new owners of the company. We have come across companies that have …

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