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Eircom Customer Support

Just off the phone with Eircom after a new client came in and asked could we take over their domain name registration and their web hosting. I called 1800 203 204 then option 2 then option 2 again and then 1 but they now have another option that let me on a merry journey that […]

3 page website for over €2,000 euro!

True, we have a business on the phone today telling me that they paid over 2K to a guy to design a website 4 months ago and since have got nothing. It turns out that the guy was subcontracting the job to kids who where letting him down and so he couldn’t produce the website […]

How much to get a website designed?

We get asked about how much does it cost to set up a website and why get a company involved as many people see that there are Free online tools to set up a website, in the video i try to explain the difference.

Understanding the internet

Understanding the internet One remark that comes up again and again is how “confusing the internet is”… Indeed the world wide web is such a vast virtual organism that its hardly suprising that many folks are stumped when it comes to applying the latest web technology such as blogs, you tube videos, flickr photos , […]

A Night in the Mespil Hotel

A Friday in Dublin.. On Friday last I was in meetings in Dublin and then got a call from a friend suggesting to have dinner, so I rang the other half and arranged for us all to have dinner in the Mespil hotel along by the banks of the grand canal. Opposite sits Patrick Kavanagh […]

Newsletters by Email to your clients

Why use a Newsletter for your business? This another one of the frequently asked questions we get asked about how to use the Internet for business.  A email newsletter is a fast, efficient, cheap method of communicating with your clients. You don’t even need a website! There are many types of newsletter systems available both […]

Will a Good Domain Name get me to No 1 in Google?

How to get to the top of Google. This again comes up week after week as inquiries ask about Domain Names and Search Engines. Today a guy was asking if he registered a certain domain name will he come up first in Google, rather than register his own company name. The Answer is. . . […]

Intro Flash page with music. . . .

We had an inquiry today (you know you are “T”!) asking for a website with an into page with flash animation and maybe some soft music. This is available to everyone but I had to steer the conversation around to a few questions that soon answered if she really wanted a flash intro page with […]

Small Job – Tradesman Directory Website

We are please to announce the launch of a new website for the “Small Job” around the house that everyone has and are looking for tradesmen online to come and work on. The type of jobs that wouldn’t be looked at a year or two ago are now the main bread and butter for many […]

Blogging for Business ???

Blogging for business . . What does it mean? This is a common questions these days as we see headlines in the Sunday Business Post “Computers in business” section explaining to us that “Blogs” are old and “Bebo” is the new way forward. Well basically a blog is a style of website that the owner […]

How to keep my website fresh?

This is a common issues with websites, trying to keep them fresh, you can look at the following Read your website and each page to see if it makes sense to you as , a newbie or as an experienced user looking for information. Do you cater for both Make sure you have good meta […]

Anyone taking part in netexpo 2009?

Hi Folks, I am wondering if there is anyone taking a virtual stand at the netexpo online trade show this May 27th and 28th. Starting prices are around the €1,400 for a virtual stand http://www.searchevent2009.com/ If there are other web developers who have been approached please contact me to let me know what you think […]

Budget 2009 – Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property It was announced today that the new budget will include a new tax relief for capital expenditure spent on the gaining of Intellectual Property. They have given no details yet this this will play a large roll in the Internet and Web Technology. More details will be in the Finance Bill as soon […]

Google Maps – Wexford

I have just got off the phone with a company in wexford providing accommodation and I would like to help others who are in a similar situation about Google Maps and their listing in Google Maps. If your business is listed in the Mapping facility of Google on Maps.Google.com it could have been put there […]