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Cheap Websites in Wexford

We get asked for really really cheap websites everyday and can we do a website for €50   . .  ah No. Cheap website usually come from a kid in their bedroom who has zero understanding about people, technology, marketing, search engines, the internet, design, site navigation and especially Search Engines Take a look at […]

Free websites!

Website builder

We are often asked if we can sponsor a website or give a free website to people. We do sponsor websites sometimes, but it depends on the site, if its a registered charity or maybe the local lost pet group then yes we might be in a situation to help, but if you are a […]

Small Website Deals

We get a number of inquiries with people looking for small websites to basically just get online. Typically they are just looking for 1 or 2 pages to display their business and usually it might be a plumber or carpenter and even a shop just looking to put an image of their shop and opening […]

8 page basic website for €3,500?

Cheap Websites, Not! We had a call to the office this week asking if we could help this company get their website into Google. We had a quick look and finding it difficult to find them, we gave up and put their domain name directly into the address bar. The site itself looked ok but is […]

How to set up a website for your business?

Simple answer is call us! Otherwise you can register a domain name yourself, (remember to choose a name that is suitable), set up the web hosting pack  (remember to choose a hosting pack that is suitable), then create a web site for your company inserting the content (remember to design the site so that is correct […]

Cheap Websites only €299 or less?

Websites for €299 . . . Really where can i sign up . . . What a great deal . . . or is it?? This is becoming a more and more common in the south east as we see website design businesses pop up in Google Advertising. They offer Home Page, 1 Year Web […]