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Cheap Websites in Wexford

We get asked for really really cheap websites everyday and can we do a website for €50   . .  ah No. Cheap website usually come from a kid in their bedroom who has zero understanding about people, technology, marketing, search engines, the internet, design, site navigation and especially Search Engines Take a look at the images below, there is hidden text on the footer of the website as the “designer” was trying to trick …

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Free websites!

We are often asked if we can sponsor a website or give a free website to people. We do sponsor websites sometimes, but it depends on the site, if its a registered charity or maybe the local lost pet group then yes we might be in a situation to help, but if you are a small club or group then maybe you could look at using on online web site building tool. We have looked …

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Small Website Deals

We get a number of inquiries with people looking for small websites to basically just get online. Typically they are just looking for 1 or 2 pages to display their business and usually it might be a plumber or carpenter and even a shop just looking to put an image of their shop and opening hours. IT Scape This business is managed by Lisa Stacey and they create such web pages. Whilst we would like …

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8 page basic website for €3,500?

Cheap Websites, Not! We had a call to the office this week asking if we could help this company get their website into Google. We had a quick look and finding it difficult to find them, we gave up and put their domain name directly into the address bar. The site itself looked ok but is not in any search engines and has none of the basic elements that a experienced web designer would insert into …

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How to set up a website for your business?

Simple answer is call us! Otherwise you can register a domain name yourself, (remember to choose a name that is suitable), set up the web hosting pack  (remember to choose a hosting pack that is suitable), then create a web site for your company inserting the content (remember to design the site so that is correct for your needs). Website Design is Easy ! Especially when companies are offering online tools to help you create the …

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Cheap Websites only €299 or less?

Websites for €299 . . . Really where can i sign up . . . What a great deal . . . or is it?? This is becoming a more and more common in the south east as we see website design businesses pop up in Google Advertising. They offer Home Page, 1 Year Web Hosting, Your own web & email address, Photo carousel, Google optimisation, Web site traffic reports, Email marketing tools, News and …

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