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My website was stolen?

Indeed a strange statement to hear over the phone, but never the less one that is getting more and more common these days as we hear about companies and businesses in the southeast who have gone to look at their website to find it’s gone. Replaced with advertising for other websites selling similar products and […]

Ireland downturn?

It’s true Ireland is currently feeling a “downturn” . . . . . .  Offline that is, as opposed to online sales that are  actually on the increase in the country, Ireland is achieving online sales of over €12 million euro per day. This is a major fact when many companies are looking at cutting […]

Google – Search from pages from Ireland button?

We have had a number of people mention to us that they wish to register a .ie domain name as they want to be found in Google under the “pages from Ireland” button. They think that that is the difference between and .com and a .ie domain names. This is not the case. It is […]

Irish Domain Name Price Increase

We have been informed that Irish Domain Name registration prices have gone up since the 1st September 2008, we have shopped around and are in the process of getting the best price that we can then pass on to our clients. International domains names still remain the cheapest options for an Irish business to register. […]

My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address?

Business concept.Text Domain Name writing on notepaper.

My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address? The answer is yes if you have not renewed your domain name with us then it “expires”. This means that the domain is put on ice for sixty days until it is then let go back onto the market. If you have dot com […]