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My website was stolen?

Indeed a strange statement to hear over the phone, but never the less one that is getting more and more common these days as we hear about companies and businesses in the southeast who have gone to look at their website to find it’s gone. Replaced with advertising for other websites selling similar products and […]

Register a domain name?

We had a good talk with a client yesterday about registering a domain name for their business. They have registered one domain and were under the impression that they had reached the amount they were allowed to register. A company can register as many domains as they wish, as long as they have the documentation […]

Domain Name Transfers or Renewals

We have just got in an email from a clients asking for advice on the renewal of her domain name. An american company emailed her and asked her to review her domain name and if she would like to renew it then she could click on the link provided to renew. Transfer Away!!! In actual […]

Google Dropped my site?

Google will and can drop your website if the domain names expires. This is often the case when you forget to pay for the domain renewal. If your hosting or web development company sends you an invoice for “Renewal” pay attention to it. Today we had a company call in asking why their website had […]

My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address?

Business concept.Text Domain Name writing on notepaper.

My Domain Name has Expired, does that effect my email Address? The answer is yes if you have not renewed your domain name with us then it “expires”. This means that the domain is put on ice for sixty days until it is then let go back onto the market. If you have dot com […]