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Building links to my website

I was researching on-line this morning and looked for a specific website here in the South East that had a “blog” with their news on it. Great idea to have a blog as it informs the public of your company news and events and creates communication between you and your customer in a less formal method than a website, but not as casual as maybe Facbook. April 2009 News ! This was the last entry …

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Spam Filter Website

We have been working for many years in the hosting industry and understand that nowadays people really don’t have the time or the money to spend on bandwidth or staff trudging through unsolicited spam emails. 97% of emails are spam! Our system is not a new concept, but just an efficient one. We have looked around to find the best system to supply to our clients and also anybody else out there that needs email …

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Cada Media in Spain

Whilst enjoying the sunshine in La Managa in Murcia Spain recently we were able to pick up more Spanish business. Being a business that uses the web we are always able to pick up clients when we travel and last week was no difference. Before traveling we looked up a few domain names of the businesses we were visiting and one great domain name that one our of old friends at Cada Media was looking …

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Spam Server Upgrade – Firewall Rules

Just to let our spam filtering clients know that next week we are upgrading our servers again, (yes i know a pain in the ass but hey it’s for your benefit!) These new servers will mean new IP addresses and so we are informing you that you can update your firewall rules with the following IP addresses for our servers. To do this you need to block all SMTP transactions from outside the following: Filter …

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your mailbox has been deactivated

If you have received an email in the past 2 days from us telling you that you that your mailbox has been deactivated please note that this is not actually from ourselves, but rather an atempt by a spam bot to penetrate our new servers. The attachment mail is a text file letting you know that the .exe and .zip attachment with the email has been removed from your email. We suspect that this went …

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Email Spam on the increase in Ireland

I suppose that this is the obious but Spam is on the increase in these harder times as spammer use email to market their products online. We have had a number of clients on to us asking if we can stop it. Yes. We have spam filters on our servers that can block the unwanted and time wasting emails that are blocking most people inboxes. Just give us a call to find out how we …

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