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Using your Head !

Business is tough today and companies need to make use of technology if they are to reduce costs whilst also offering something new to their customers. Hook & Hoist do it ! Ken Murphy is just one of those business people, Ken approached us to design a solution that would give them the capabilities they […]

Is Graphic Design the same as Website Design?

This is a great question and often when I’m sitting in a meeting with potential clients there is an open discussion about colours and graphics to be used on a website and maybe a brochure is put on the table asking can we replicate it on a website. 2 Different mediums. After working in the […]

How long does it take to setup a website?

This is one of those questions we don’t get asked but think we should! Setting up a website This can be a “next day” delivery if you wish to have a “one page” website or it could be 3 months time if you wish to have an application developed and created for you.  There are […]

What does google want?!?

Make up your mind! Sitting here working away on a busy Friday after singing happy birthday to Mary and eating our squashy buns from Joanne’s, we heard one of our pc’s in the office saying “google alert” over and over again. (yes it’s annoying, we usually have the sound turned down) It was a Google […]

How to set up a website for your business?

Simple answer is call us! Otherwise you can register a domain name yourself, (remember to choose a name that is suitable), set up the web hosting pack  (remember to choose a hosting pack that is suitable), then create a web site for your company inserting the content (remember to design the site so that is correct […]

Kinbark Products Ltd – Revamped

We were approached by one of our long standing website design clients, Kinbark Products Ltd. A Company based in Camolin in Co. Wexford, they supply Bark Mulch and also have a vast variety of “Mature Trees”. They needed their existing website revamped and to be enabled so that they could edit and amend the sites […]

Google Changing its Listing Methods

Who is IP Address? Well we have talked about how Google changing before and it looks like Google has started it already. They are changing the way they return information to the user, before they would return a list of websites for you, now they are returning more options such as images. Does your […]

Website Designers in Wexford

We have received a number of calls over the past few months regards companies looking for “legitimate” website designers in Wexford. There has been a big increase in the number of people claiming that they are website designers. We have been trading since 1999, Our Offices are located at: Cada Media Ltd Unit 6 – […]