Why get a website designer?

Why get a website designer?

dreamstime_6086776We had an interesting call today from a company in Wexford who were managing their website themselves. They had registered a domain about a year ago. Got web hosting from another company and then found a web developer who was able to create a small website . . and alls well.

So now a year later this company are a little unhappy to say the least that they have got nothing from having a new website. No inquiries not found in Google and now just feel they have thrown away the money they invested in the website. They called us to see if we could help them get some benefit from their website.

They had registered another domain via Lets Host in Dublin and then ordered another service for DNS management to allow them to manage their multiple domains and organise the pointing of the second domain to the first one. It was at this point that they had realised that they had suddenly gone out of their technical knowledge depth.

Having ordered the service and now understanding that they had login details to a control panel they then came to the conclusion that it was time to ask someone who knows what they are doing. Its this realisation that business managers and owners come to with a sense of reluctance as they feel they have failed in their IT skills. They shouldn’t feel bad at all. We “The Internet Professionals” make it sound really easy to buy our services online, log in, edit settings and away you go.

One stop Shop!

It was only after that I explained our services he understood that we would be able to help him out. They we delighted to hear that they no longer would be contacting one company for domains, another for hosting, another for design and then others for web marketing and explaining how the Internet works and generally asking Internet advice.

Being able to have one telephone number to call for all his Internet needs now gives our latest client the ability to concentrate on his business and us to concentrate on his website and using our 10 years experience to drive his business forward.

If this tale of techo woes sounds familiar to you. Call us and let Cada Media Ltd take the misery out of using the net for business

Call Dave on 053 943078

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