Spring clean your website?

Spring clean your website?

One of the questions we get asked about this time of year is to give websites a spring clean and to freshen them up. Yes, it can be done, but usually a question I have to ask is what would they like. Websites are not just brochures for the business, they are a piece working marketing software crawling the Internet promoting your business, or at least they can be if you make them that way. Otherwise they are just a poster on the Internet, 1 of trillions waiting to see if you can find them.

Is your website working?

Changing the colours will make it look different, but it will not change its purpose of the website. Very often we are asked to help poorly designed websites or poorly managed sites that have no purpose to give them a fresh look. It is at this stage that I bring the conversation around to asking about the company, their stats, their goals, their achievements to date and without these details giving the website a new paint job will not take away from the underlying dry-rot or mould problem.

But Google will see its changed?

Google will see its changed, but remember Google is cleverer than people give them credit for. Changing the colour of a pub exterior wont make the pints taste any better, Changing the tables and chairs of a restaurant won’t make the food taste any better so why do people think that changing the colour of a website will make the user happier if the content itself is not what they are looking for.

This process is vital in changing the look and feel to a website and the overall goals must be focused upon again. If you are talking to people in business about the web and how its used, tell them you read this and how we work with companies looking to revamp their websites for spring !

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