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Greasetraps Website Redsigned

We were approached by Bio Grease Solutions Ltd to redesign their website. Their original site was a self created site and suited them for starting out, but now they are growing they decided to invest in their business and get a professionally designed website to push their products further. At Cada Media we met with […]

Bank Holiday Weekend Support

We will be closed on Monday the 3rd of August 2009 for the annual Bank holiday. Email support will be as normal, the net never sleeps! Enjoy your bank Holiday and drive safely.

Virtual Office Space in Gorey, Co. Wexford

Co Working is another name for it. A client of ours approached us today with and idea, virtual office space. Basically they have a great office space just off the main street of Gorey, a new building and they wish to rent it, but they are looking to rent the rooms to companies on a […]

Discretionary Domain Name Registration

To follow up on earlier posts about registering a domain names and seeking advice from accountants in Gorey I would like point out that this ( the Blog) is not a definitive white paper on Irish domain names. A person who has not registered their business with the companies office may get a domain name […]

Advice From Accountants in Gorey – hmm

We had an interesting telephone call to the office today about our last article regarding registering Irish Domain Names, that means the ones that end in .ie  (not.com domain names) This anonymous caller on a private number claiming to be an accountant in Gorey mentioned that it is possible to register a domain name without […]

Accountants in Gorey and Wexford

Please Read the following. When you are advising your clients about setting up a company or registering as a sole trader or you are advising them to register for VAT. Please be aware that if they do not register with the Companies Office in Ireland that they will not be able to register an Irish […]

Microsoft will now power Yahoo!

It’s true Microsoft will now power Yahoo. Today Microsoft announced that the search engine giant will work as their sales team and that Microsoft technology will be powering the Yahoo Search Engine. With Google dominating the search adverting in ireland still it will be interesting to see what opportunities it bring Irish Advertisiers More when […]

How to grow a business in a recession?

This is one of those new fashionable questions that gets whispered in business meeting all over Wexford at the moment, No one wanting to say the “R” word for fear of letting others know that they are in trouble and in fact up the creek and even the paddle is for sale on eBay! Well, […]

Outgoing Mail Server?

We would like to inform all our clients that if you experience problems sending mail using your “pop” email account. That is using your mail that you have in Outlook or Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird then we recommend that you check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is the company who you get […]

What are twitter and facebook all about?

This is a questions we get asked all the time, no matter if it’s on-line, via the office telephone or sitting at a family dinner table. What the hell is twitter and why would anyone be mad enough to upload “I’m having my lunch” as a statement on their twitter page. Let me explain how […]

Wexford Preserves goes on-line!

Websites that Stick! One of the terms in website design is creating a website that is “Sticky“, well in the case of Wexford Home Preserves we hope this is true. We were approached by this family run business to create an on-line presence that would help push this company forward to new markets and expand […]

Online Scams / Website Plagarism

Often we come across flagarent cases whereby companies have taken the content off one website and put in onto another. This has been highlighted recently whereby www.connect2pakistan.com stole the content off the best voip and did online service called MyDivert.com Mydivert.com  = original creators, others only copy. The brainchild of programming guru Joel Driver of […]

How to get to the top of Google?

black samsung tablet display google browser on screen

Google’s listing, How do they work? We have had a number of inquiries from companies this week asking us to help them get on top of Google.  It’s interesting to see how the “recession in the building trade” has pushed into many other aspects of life in Ireland. One inquiry today asked if we could […]

World Business Guide Renewal 2009/2010

Delete this Email is you receive it, Its the usual rubbish from the european business Guide.   From – Fri Jul 10 09:35:00 2009 Return-path: nfo@bestenterpriselive.com Envelope-to: info@cadamedia.ie Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 19:10:06 +0200 Errors-To: nfo@bestenterpriselive.com To: info@cadamedia.ie From: World Business Registrar nfo@bestenterpriselive.com Reply-to: register@wbgtoday.net Subject: Business Registration 2009/2010  Ladies and Gentlemen.  In order […]

Letter from Google? €50 spend on Adwords?

If you are one of the many companies wondering why Google as chosen you to write to and offer you a free €50 Euro Voucher to spend on Google Adword Campaign well then you are not alone. Many business around Ireland have received a letter from Google in the past 3 weeks giving them this […]