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Sorry Readers

Just a short note to our readers to say that due to the volume of work we have on at the moment we will be unable to continue writing as often as we would like and will be using the blog for news updates about our new products and services we are launching in February […]

Online shops are on the increase!

Definitely our biggest inquiry so far this month has been people asking to set up an online shop or payment gateway for their business using the net. We had a business from Kildare in with us today going over all the options available to them. We looked at VISA machines for their shop to maybe […]

Paypal increase staff in Ireland

Great news for Ireland that one of the worlds leading online transaction companies are expanding their staff from 1100 in Dublin by a further 100 new jobs, announced today. So listening to people talk about the recession and saying that no one is hiring is wrong. Business has not stopped it has just moved online. […]

Boards.ie Hacked Today

We would like to let any of our clients who have accounts on Boards.ie to change their password on other sites if they use the same password. boards.ie is one of Irelands most popular bulletin boards on the net in Ireland. There are thousands of members and today their central database was hacked into and […]

RTE Player World wide

Great news from RTE about their website and it’s great player allowing you to catch a show up to 20 days after it was aired. The website is now available outside of Ireland so that should really crank up the hits and i’m sure their advertisers will be delighted with the news. Well done RTE. […]

Spam Server Upgrade – Firewall Rules

Just to let our spam filtering clients know that next week we are upgrading our servers again, (yes i know a pain in the ass but hey it’s for your benefit!) These new servers will mean new IP addresses and so we are informing you that you can update your firewall rules with the following […]

South East Storage Website

Its great to see new businesses starting up all the time and we often have to remind people the life has not stopped and this is apparent as we learnt of the investment in building and security that David O Sullivan has recently completed in his new massive buildings near Gorey in Co Wexford. Storage […]

Flasher Required!

Before you get upset or to stop any confusion amongst the people to read this blog, it’s actually really simple we are looking for a “Flash Animator” to work with us on a number of new projects. If you are experienced Flasher we are looking for you. Experience is a must, we get many Multi […]

Twitter facts and figures

I was browsing facebook and a friend of mine who works in a Media company in Sweden posted a link to a blog from a social media company in the UK. The post was about the percentage of tweets that contain brand names or organisation names. So what you may say,but like everything on the […]

Free websites!

Website builder

We are often asked if we can sponsor a website or give a free website to people. We do sponsor websites sometimes, but it depends on the site, if its a registered charity or maybe the local lost pet group then yes we might be in a situation to help, but if you are a […]

Computer Training courses in Gorey

We get asked all the the time about training courses and we do give full training courses to our clients we don’t give general computer training courses to the public. Many people need to understand about emails or attachments, There is a small IT training company who are part of the Gorey chamber of commerce […]

Small Website Deals

We get a number of inquiries with people looking for small websites to basically just get online. Typically they are just looking for 1 or 2 pages to display their business and usually it might be a plumber or carpenter and even a shop just looking to put an image of their shop and opening […]

Website Reviews 2010

We would like to mention to our clients and for people looking to have their website reviewed or redesigned this year to please take in mind that we will need to notice before you wish to have the website worked on. Website Reviews Sitting down and going through your site stats, the links in and […]

Advertising in Wexford

Interesting to see the effects of snow in Wexford over the past few weeks and how everything was postponed or canceled and so the traditional advertising routes that businesses would take like newspapers and radio were effected. Hearing how newspaper advertising was down and radio the same. We heard a story today of a sales […]

Snow effect on the Internet!

Listening to the news today about how the snow today has cost businesses in Dublin an estimated €80 million, according to Dublin Chamber of Commerce.  I find it interesting to see also that all the news and images and videos are being reported about it were mostly on the Internet. It got me thinking that […]