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Facebook Chat Hack Virus

Today I was working away as usual and a customer came onto Facebook and said Hi and then told me he was away in London with the family and got mugged and needed help. A little strange as I know him, but didnt think we were at ‘That‘ stage of business that he would be […]

Telephone Mailbox Full

I just wanted to let the public know that due a sudden increase in inquiries over the past 2 weeks that our telephone system in the office has been blocked and no new messages have been allowed to be recorded. We have cleared the messages and within a day or two they are full again. […]

Geting Your Business Online Workshop

This is great to see. So many enterprise boards around Ireland pushing to get businesses online. It’s astonishing how few businesses still dont have a website or a website presence. If you are in the market for a website then why not get a FREE one from the website listed or by making an appointment with these […]

Fixing Email Issues?

An interesting day in terms of technical support and helping IT companies workout how email is pointed around the world from server to server, IP Address to IP address. I have found that over the 12 years in the email business that there are many email problems that can be found quickly . . once […]

What is Cloud Computing?

At an early morning networking meeting today I was one of the audience receiving a 10 minutes presentation from the owner of a local computer business. Glassgoraman Computers is run by John Timmons, a native of Dublin and living near Gorey for the past 13 years or so.  John has a background computer hardware, broadband […]

Free Online Backup site?

I was talking to a customer yesterday and he told me he backs up all his office files to a external hard disk and he carries that home with him each week and takes it away on holidays with him when he’s out of the country. I asked him had he heard of the Internet […]

Why use open source?

http://www.opensource.org/ is a website to promote the use of open source software and is an initiative that Cada Media Ltd have long been advocates of even since I was working as a programmer in Dublin in the Mid 90’s. Back then one of our team, a Russian guy called kyrill was asking the management to […]

Facebook facial recognition feature !

Yes, you may have heard the rumours that Facebook are now automatically “Tagging” photos of people who use this social network for image sharing. The Giant of social networking with an estimated 700 million users has a new feature to read an image and use facial recognition software to “Tag” or mark an individual. Big […]