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How to get to the top of Google?

Google’s listing, How do they work? We have had a number of inquiries from companies this week asking us to help them get on top of Google.  It’s interesting to see how the “recession in the building trade” has pushed into many other aspects of life in Ireland. One inquiry today asked if we could create a script to refresh a website so that I will appear higher in Google? Is this true If I …

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Microsoft V’s Google Microsoft have finally launched their new search engine to compete against the search engine giant of Google Launched in May 2009 this new search engine has a similar looks to Google simple looking one line to input your search term. It also has features similar to Googles Image Search and returns the results in a way that we are all familar with. I personally think it’s too late for Microsoft to get into this market …

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Google Changing in 2009

Google has changed. Yes, Google have changed their algorithm as we have been writing about since last year. It seems that many people came back to work this week to find their website gone from it’s usual place in the search engine. Expect more of this in 2009 as “Rich Media” plays a bigger role in getting listed in Google. See :

Google Changing its Listing Methods

Who is IP Address? Well we have talked about how Google changing before and it looks like Google has started it already. They are changing the way they return information to the user, before they would return a list of websites for you, now they are returning more options such as images. Does your site stats show a link from Well this is Google, They are indexing the worlds images and will be …

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Search Engine Engine Strategies

Search engines are all about new fresh content, we are saying this on a daily basis to our clients and prospective customers. Search engines was to see who’s say what and how mush are you saying about your field of expertise. Thus I’m writing this ! I would suggest uploading new content each day, but at least each week. Websites are looked upon like newspapers, you don’t read them twice. so if you have a …

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Starting a business in Wexford?

If you are thinking of starting a business in Wexford, now is a great time, believe it or not even with the downturn in global economy there are advantages and one of the main one we have noticed is the amount of domain names flooding back onto to the market. Like shares in companies that are bought when they are at a low price and available so too are domain names. We have looked at …

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404 Error Page !

A 404 error page can be a static or a dynamic page depending on the type of website you have, It is the page that shows the “page not found” error message if a page has been deleted or removed. It is recommended that you provide the search engines, robots etc with a 404 page to help them index the site completely. If you have a content managed site then this facility should be taken …

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Google – Search from pages from Ireland button?

We have had a number of people mention to us that they wish to register a .ie domain name as they want to be found in Google under the “pages from Ireland” button. They think that that is the difference between and .com and a .ie domain names. This is not the case. It is believed that in fact it displays pages that are actually physically in Ireland. Many companies opt for cheap hosting in …

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Setting up a website

It is important to understand that the setting up of a website is a great step in helping to promote your business on line, but please remember it is a “step” and it needs to be followed by other steps till your business is up and running online. Marketing your website address by means of search engines, online forums, discussion boards, social networking sites are just some of the methods of being in touch with …

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Paid directory listing services

If you get an email to your business asking for renewal or subscription to a Directory or to submit your web address to search engines, please forward it to ourselves and then Delete it. They might be real, but the benefits are minor if any at all. Example we got yesterday: Notification DOMAIN LISTING SERVICES 8171 Yonge St. Suite# 149 Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6 Canada FINAL NOTICE (Please make necessary changes) ATT: dave jordan ADMINISTRATIVE …

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New Irish Search Engine – New Irish search Engine is launched, Packed with features ( This new website hopes to take on the big boys of Google and Yahoo.  Exciting times as they guys from Ex-google engineers and developers (, so I think they are gonne put a new spin on search engines and they way they return and display results. Best of luck lads

Google Reindexing?

If you are wondering where your website is at the moment, or that when you run a search on Google that you are number 2 and then run the search again a hour later and you are on page 2 then you might get a shock alright. It may be caused by the search engine reindexing their listings, for instance have been changing it’s listing on a daily basis now for the past week. …

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Google Dropped my site?

Google will and can drop your website if the domain names expires. This is often the case when you forget to pay for the domain renewal. If your hosting or web development company sends you an invoice for “Renewal” pay attention to it. Today we had a company call in asking why their website had “dissapeared”. We looked up who registered their domain and found that it was “suspended” as they had not paid their …

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Good web copy / Sitemaps / Landing page?

Create search engine friendly content, gone are the days of inserting paragraphs of keywords to fool search engines into thinking the content o fhtat page was abut that topic. Now they know the difference and will in fact penalise you for doing so (told ye!) Write for people, knowing that search engines will be reading but remember to keep your keyword dessity to about 2%. If you are using the word too often in a …

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How do I get on top of Google?

The old expression of “If I had a penny for every time someone said that” is exactly how google are making their money. If you want to be on top of google overnight, it’s simple just pay them. It’s called Pay Per Click Advertising and google will accommodate you and you budget. It’s also a kind of closed bid method so you won’t know exactly how much it costs to get there, so you will …

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