Amateur spammers?

Amateur spammers?

We would like to inform all our clients on our business hosting packs that we have put a limit on the number of outgoing emails to avoid them being “ear-marked” as amateur spammers!


If you are using an email program like Outlook Express, Thunder Bird you will be writing an email and then adding in multiple email address and sometimes up to 40 or 50 email addresses in one go.

Then the email sent and the internet service provider, such as eircom see’s your one small email address sending out 60 emails and marks it as a spam attempt.

With spam on the ever increase it is getting harder and harder to find a hosting business like us or an internet service provider to allow you to do this.

What are your options:

Constant Contact is a brilliant online service that allow you to create these newsletter and email them out to your subscribers.

Remember the word subscribers means that they subscribe to your email, sending out emails to a list to people to have not got the opportunity to unsubscribe is called Spamming!

Yes, you are a spammer and you didn’t know it so the next time you are talking about emailing your clients or sending out an ezine, think again about your legal obligations in sending electronic mail

You are supposed to send out emails to a list of people using a special program or facility that allows multiple emails and allows this opt in, opt out feature.

Any questions, just send me an email, just one, not 20 !!

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